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Title: Second Christmas: A Second Chances Epilogue

Author: D.L. Roan

Genre: Erotic Romance, Ménage, Western

Release Date: November 3, 2014



Join your three favorite cowboys for a very special Christmas holiday. Meet the newest members of the McLendon family, catch up with all your favorite characters from DL’s ‘When Seconds Count’ collection, and get a sneak peek at all the fun and excitement in store for their future. HEAT WARNING: These three sexy cowboys are still very much in love with their wife, love making love with her—together—and spare no details when doing so…every chance they get. Grey McLendon still has a dirty mouth, but thanks to Gabby’s efforts he tries to keep it clean in front of their children. It doesn’t always happen. Recommended for adult readers only.   SC 99 Christmas Sale

Second Chances (When Seconds Count, #1)

Genre: Romance, Ménage, Western, Suspense

Available Now (Kindle Unlimited)

Price: .99¢ Limited Time Only 




HEAT WARNING: Second Chances is an erotic romance and contains sex, ménage, cowboys who like to talk dirty, and some violence. Oh, and absolutely no action between brothers, because that would just be awkward. Six years after the McLendon brothers lost their wife during the birth of their twins they are merely existing. Focused only on running their ranch and raising their boys, finding another woman to share their hearts with isn't even a dot on their map...until Claira Robbins drops into their family like a baby bird falling from its nest. She certainly ruffles more than a few feathers. Matt and Mason believe she is the one who will heal their hearts and their family. Their older brother Grey? He plans to live the rest of his life comfortably numb from the neck down, even if it kills him...and it just might if Claira's lethal past catches up to her. Can they convince Grey to let go of the past and give love a second chance? Or will his own haunting secret destroy what is left of their family for good?

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About The Author

2014 DL Roan Logo Profile 2

 After years of schlepping for the corporate world in an endless rotation of tasteless cube farms and cold coffee, DL Roan decided to give a little attention to the sexy voices inside her head and begin anew. Whether it's ménage, action-adventure, passion-filled suspense, sexy cowboys, assassins or angels, DL's novels are sure to keep you on the edge of the page reading long into the night. She loves to hear from her fans so stop by one of her many hangouts listed here or on her website and say hello. www.dlroan.com  

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Book Nerd Problems | Forgetting to Pre-order

In curand la Editura Epica

Moartea lui Kyle la numai șaisprezece ani a fost un șoc pentru toată lumea. Nell, fata care l-a iubit este înmărmurită de durere, chiar și cea mai bună prietenă a ei, Becca, nu știe cum să o ajute. Pentru că, în acel moment, viața ei este traversată de un cutremur. Dar, ceva frumos se întâmplă, iar vinovatul este Jason Dorsey, cel de care Becca este îndrăgostită chiar din clasa a patra, mai exact din momentul în care Jason i-a sărit în apărare lovindu-l pe Danny Morelli, care o luase peste picior pentru că se bâlbâia. Pentru Jason, Becca aproape că nici nu exista, o considera doar prietena lui Nell. O invitație neașteptată îi aduce împreună pe Becca și Jason, iar el descoperă zi de zi cât de extraordinară poate fi ea, cascada de bucle negre, pielea măslinie, felul ei timid și liniștit câștigându-i inima.
Dar fericirea și iubirea se pot naște atât de aproape de durere?
Jason nu avea de unde să știe câte tragedii și câte izbânzi avea să cunoască și nici nu avea de unde să știe că în Becca ar putea afla iubirea vieții lui și, în iubire, fiecare dintre ei, regăsirea de sine.
Tuturor le va rămâne însă în suflet...
Durerea care nu se uită niciodată.

După succesul romanului Mă pierd în tine…, Jasinda Wilder oferă cititorilor o nouă și incredibilă poveste de dragoste, care a cucerit deja topurile internaționale.
În curând la Editura Epica!

Cover Reveal


Title: City of Champions (Gateway to Love #2)

Author: Chloe Barlow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 10, 2014




How do you find the will to try, when you've spent all your life playing on a field strewn with shattered lives and broken rules? Tragedy and betrayal taught Jenna Sutherland early on that her safest bet was to fiercely avoid any risk, whether it is in work, life, or love. Now a respected orthopedic surgical resident on the cusp of finally breaking through in her career, she’s more guarded than ever. When injured NFL quarterback Wyatt McCoy bulldozes into her life there’s no denying he’s cocky, selfish, and downright dangerous — everything Jenna’s sworn she doesn’t want. Suddenly the levelheaded doctor finds herself facing down her greatest fear, and she’s tempted to gamble all she’s fought so hard to build. The two embark on an intense holiday love affair that quickly teeters on obsession, and tempts them both to think they could go all-in on a real future together. Yet Wyatt's desperation to stay on the field — and out of the operating room — lures him to take dangerous risks with Jenna's trust. Will they win at love or lose everything­ — including their fragile chance at happiness?    


"It's my understanding you requested me specifically," she said smoothly, but he could see that she kept moving things on her desk with her busy hands. "That's right, Doc." "So, I hope that means you plan to be serious about this consult, Mr. McCoy," she said carefully, catching him staring at her chest. And Wyatt couldn't hold back the smile that spread across his face. "I'm willing to do anything for my NFL career, Doc. Besides, cut me some slack, you're the one that wore that sexy lab coat." She practically growled in frustration and he loved it. He needed her off-balance for what he had in mind, but damned if he hadn't guessed he'd enjoy it this much. Time to push her a little more, he thought. As he leaned across her desk and perused her body up and down, he whispered, "Though I do wish it were tighter." "Right. Because I sit around in a lab coat to be sexy. Like I'm in Hustler magazine or something." She suddenly started to coo in a Marilyn Monroe breathy voice. "Oh, no. This microscope is so heavy. Guess I should bend down to relieve the weight of this massive tool. Oh, what's here between my legs? Oh, it’s so warm down there. Maybe I should investigate? Please. So ridiculous," she said to herself with annoyance. "Excuse me, are you okay, Mr. McCoy?" He was definitely not okay. His mouth had fallen open slightly and all the blood had rushed to his lap. Wyatt was so hard he was practically in pain, realizing he may have underestimated this woman. Maybe. Her voice broke through his lust-filled fog. "I thought it was your shoulder that had the issue. Do you have a head injury too?" she asked with concern, replacing her previously sultry voice. "Um. Yeah. I mean no. Just my shoulder. You're the second opinion on my shoulder injury, and my coach also said maybe you could help my game. I'm not sure how though." "It may be hard for you to imagine that you could need help from anyone, but I've certainly been able to assist some of your teammates to use their bodies more effectively." Wyatt raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Now that's more like what I had in mind."   ThreeRiversANDCityofChamptions_whitespace  

Three Rivers (Gateway to Love #1)

Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - Amazon AS - Paperback - B&N - Kobo

How do you start over when you gave everything to one life, one plan, and lost it all?

Althea refuses to allow herself to love again. Imprisoned in grief at twenty-four after her husband’s sudden death, she’s convinced her heart died along with him. She spends her days honoring his memory by clinging to the legal career he helped her to build and to the remaining pieces linking her to their life together. Griffen’s been running from his past. Despite success as an author and investigative journalist, he’s been traveling through life on autopilot. For a decade, he’s chosen perilous adventures and meaningless sex over the danger of any attachments. When he finally returns home to Pittsburgh, he’s slammed by the awakened memories and regret he’s spent years trying to escape. A chance encounter brings them together. Their instant desire for each other –and the bond they discover between them – shocks them both. Despite her best efforts, Althea can’t resist Griffen’s charm or his intriguing proposition– if she agrees to a no-strings affair with him for the two weeks he’s in town, he swears he’ll walk away when their time is up. Assured she can test the waters of a new life while keeping her vow never to betray her husband’s memory by opening her heart to another, Althea throws herself into the escape Griffen provides her. Their perfect plans go awry when the intensity of their connection overwhelms them. Will they risk it all on the chance of something great together…or will the power of their secrets and guilt tear them apart?  

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Author Bio


Chloe is a contemporary romance novelist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and their sweet dog. She is a native Washingtonian that graduated Duke University with a degree in English and Chinese language. She met her husband at Duke and he brought her to Pittsburgh over a decade ago, which she has loved ever since and made her adopted hometown. She also attended the University of Pittsburgh Law School where she continued to be a book-loving nerd. Chloe has always loved writing and cherishes the opportunity to craft her fictional novels and share them with the world. When Chloe isn’t writing, she spends her time exploring Pittsburgh with her husband and friends. She also enjoys yoga, jogging, and all Pittsburgh sports, as well as her Duke Blue Devils. She also thoroughly enjoys every opportunity to communicate with her readers. Since the release of her debut novel, Three Rivers, she has enjoyed the honor of meeting and talking with numerous fans, and looks forward to getting to know many more.  

Connect with Chloe

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Email | Google+ | Chloe's Crew (Chloe Barlow Street Team) | Pinterest | Amazon Author Page



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Shark Out of Water Release day

Shark Out of Water
by DelSheree Gladden

Guy Saint Laurent is too busy cursing his sister for roping him into taking over Eli's Date Shark business to prepare himself for the slew of bizarre women he's about to get involved with. This is the last venture he intended to take on, but somehow he's just become Chicago's newest, most reluctant Date Shark. 

On top of dealing with bug-toting, mothering, obsessive women, Guy faces personal tragedy that changes his outlook on life, whether he wants it to or not. He's not sure what it is about Charlotte Brooks that draws him in, but getting her off his mind after a brief encounter proves impossible. 

As Charlotte tries to help Guy deal with his loss, he begins to get the impression she's hiding something from him. He knows he could simply walk away, continue as he always has, but he suspects whatever she's hiding, she won't be able to face it alone. 

Charlotte is the one woman who can capture his attention, but she may also be the one woman capable of breaking him.

Charlotte was breathless when he pulled back, and the plaintive expression on her face killed him, but he had accomplished his goal. He gestured to the IV hooked to her arm and Charlotte stared at it in surprise. “I didn’t even feel it!”
“I told you I could distract you.”
“Damn near distracted me, too,” the nurse muttered. 


Vance was smart enough to see signs that Guy was now on the defensive. He redirected, asking, “Tell me about Charlotte. Why are you having deep conversations with her instead of flirting and seducing her back to your flat?”
Sulking like a child, Guy muttered, “Je ne sais pas.”
“You don’t know?” That seemed to truly surprise Vance. “Well, I suggest you find out.”
“What?” Guy snapped. “That is your advice to me? Find out?”
Vance nodded. “Oui, mon ami. Find out why Charlotte has done what it has taken me years and years to do. Why let down your barrier between public and private for someone you barely know when I had to practically force you to do the same thing today.”
“Why?” Vance repeated. “Because you need to know. You won’t stop obsessing about her until you do.”
Obsédé? Who says I am obsessing over her?”
Vance folded his arms across his chest. “She is in your thoughts so much that you mentioned her name when you clearly had no intention of revealing her to me.” Leaning forward, he looked at his friend seriously. “Guy, I have known you for a long time. You have surprised me today, but I know how you can be like a dog with a bone. You’ll drive yourself crazy wondering what it is about Charlotte that got past your defenses until it either drives you crazy or you figure it out. Given the line of work we’re in, I’d suggest figuring it out.”
“I thought I was here to talk about Patricia,” Guy grumbled.
Leaning back with a smirk, Vance said, “We are. Just had to find something you wanted to talk about even less to spur you on, apparently.” He shook his head when Guy rolled his eyes. “Something else is bothering you when it comes to Patricia. The funeral is tomorrow. You’re avoiding talking about it. Why?”
Guy did not respond right away. His breathing escalated to the point that Vance reached forward and put a hand on his shoulder. “Her parents… they came to see me at the hospital.”
“How did they react?”
Shaking his head, he still struggled to understand their reaction. Instead of answering Vance’s new question, he answered the original one. “They requested I stand as a pallbearer.” His head fell into his hands. “I don’t know if I can. It is too difficult.”
“It will undoubtedly be difficult,” Vance said with compassion, “but it is difficult for Patricia’s parents as well. They see you as the one person who truly tried to help her. I think it comforts them to think of you being there to help her on this one last transition.”
“I don’t know if I can do this for them.”
Vance squeezed Guy’s shoulder. “You don’t have to if it is too much.”
“Not doing it feels like a betrayal of Patricia.”
“Guy, don’t make this about Patricia or her parents. What do you feel comfortable with and how do you want to say goodbye to Patricia?”
That was not an easy question. Guy sank back into the chair. Vance waited with the patience of a saint as Guy forced himself to confront the answers. He had been through so much with Patricia, watched her move forward only to fall so far again and again. She never stopped trying, and he never stopped trying to help her. “I want to help her this one last time,” Guy said finally.
“Then call Patricia’s parents when you get home and tell them you’ll be there.”
Feeling more at peace, Guy nodded.
“Stephanie and I will be there as well.” Vance held his friend’s gaze for a moment longer, making sure he knew he did not have to face the funeral alone. When Guy’s shoulders relaxed, Vance sat back. “Now why don’t you tell me about the day you met Patricia?”
As Guy began recounting the first time Patricia came into the crisis center wanting to talk about everything from the side effects of the medications she was taking to how her puppy would not stop peeing on her kitchen floor, his thoughts returned to Vance’s earlier challenge. Patricia had struck a chord with him, and so had Charlotte, in surprisingly similar ways. He understood why he has connected with Patricia, a struggling and confused young woman, but Charlotte was more of a mystery. What would it take to find out why Charlotte had affected him so much? 

Date Shark (Book 1)


DelSheree Gladden
DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist.

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Book Nerd Problems | Getting The Feels In Public

Recenzie Despre dragoste si alti demoni de Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In 1942, intr-o manastire din America Latina sunt scoase la lumina ramasitele lumesti ale unei adolescente, Sierva Maria de Todos Los Angeles. Splendida ei podoaba capilara masoara douazeci si doi de metri lungime... Sa fie oare aceasta descoperire fructul imaginatiei inflacarate a autorului? Reala sau fictiva, ea reprezinta punctul de plecare al unei inedite povesti de dragoste, desfasurate pe fundalul pitoresc si decadent al Cartagenei, la mijlocul secolului al XVIII-lea. Sierva Maria este muscata la varsta de douazeci de ani de un caine. Banuind-o de turbare sau ca ar fi posedata de diavol, Inchizitia o trimite la o manastire, unde, alaturi de exorcistul ei, Don Cayetano Delaura, traieste o pasiune nebuna, distructiva si, prin urmare, blestemata... Prin aceasta capodopera situata la cumpana dintre istorie si legenda, misticism si erotism, Gabriel Garcia Marquez depaseste granitele realismului magic. Poezia si maiestria stilului sau transforma aici scena magicianului aventurier intr-un minunat iconostas baroc.

My opinion:

Vroiam de ceva timp să-mi iau cartea asta, si numai n-am avut ocazia pana când am prins-o săptămâna trecuta la reducere si am zis ca asta e momentul pe care îl aşteptam.
Ce m-a intrigat sa citesc acesta carte e titlul. Nu prea ştiam multe de autorul acesta (stiu, shame on me!) doar ca e unul foarte cunoscut, câştigător de multe premii, foarte apreciat si scrie cărţi bestiale. Insa nu am incert vreo una de ele pana acum. Iar când am văzut titlul acestei cărţi ştiam ca trebuie sa o am.

Insa eram cu o reţinere in mine, pentru ca mai păţesc să-mi placa titlul unei cărţi si sa cred ca o sa fie vorba despre lucrul cutare in carte, si pe când colo nu e aşa. Ei, din fericire nu a fost cazul.

Cartea asta e bestiala. Este perfecta pentru cei pasionaţi de mister, istorie, horror, si mai ales adevăr. Acesta carte se bazează pe un fapt real. Ce mi-a plăcut cel mai mult a fost prefaţa pusa de autor, explicându-ţi de ce a scris o astfel de carte, si ma bucur ca a scris-o, mai ales pentru fanii miturilor si legendelor.

Povestea o are in plan principal pe Sierva Maria care, într-o zi este muscata de un caine turbat. Iar cum in aceea perioada aste boli erau unele periculoase si de netratat, săraca fata e suspecta de turbare.

Fetiţa asta a suferit mai mult decât oricine. După ce e acuza ca ar fi luat turbarea de la caine si practice condamnata la moarte, vine un episcop şi-i spune tatălui ei, marchizul, care de la naşterea fetei nu s-a ocupat de ea, ca de fapt e posedata de diavol.

Mi-a plăcut enorm de mult cum decurge firul povesti si modul in care eşti prins in ea, dorindu-ţi sa ştii cat mai multe. Autorul are un dar aparte de a scrie si a povesti întâmplările si evenimentele fara sa te plictisească.

Este o poveste minunata, despre omenire, credinţa si fata nevăzută a diavolului.
Eu recomand din tot sufletul acesta carte. Este uşor de citit, captivează, si in plus, ramai cu o poveste minunata care a făcut parte din istoria Spaniei. Plus, e lectura perfecta pentru acesta luna - Halloween.

Cartea are 157 de pagini, coperta hardcover cu supracoperta si o puteţi comanda de pe site-ul editurii Rao.

Favorite quotes:

"Corpul nu e făcut pentru anii pe care omul ar putea să-i trăiască."

"Nu-i pe lume leac care sa tămăduiască ceea ce nu tămăduieşte fericirea."

"Niciun nebun nu-i nebun daca eşti de acord cu raţiunile lui."

"Trăiesc înspăimântat ca sunt viu."

"Ea îl întreba in acele zile daca era adevărat, cum glăsuiau cântecele, ca dragostea era in stare de orice.
- E-adevărat, ii răspunse el, dar ai face mai bine sa n-o crezi."

"Duşmanul profita mai mult de inteligenta decât de greşelile noastre."